What Blender Models Look Good This Year?

It’s 2015, and that means you should be looking for a blender that is as technologically advanced as our culture. Push button models have been replaced with new models that use a dial, touchpad or switch controls. So what models are highly rated and which ones are really worth the purchase.

We are going to list a few of the most popular models and let you decide by the features which model will be best for you. All of the blenders listed have fantastic reviews and have outranked the competition. It’s easy to find replacement parts for these blenders as well, simply because they’re such popular name brand items.

What Blender Models Look Good This Year?
What Blender Models Look Good This Year?

1. Oster BVCB07-Z 6-Cup Glass Jar 7-Speed Stainless Steel Blender

The Oster all metal drive is a very popular feature in Oster blenders and their trademark claim to fame. Their motors are reported to last a long time and be very durable. An all metal drive motor ensures that their is never any stripping associated with operating the unit. The Oster Counterforms blender is fairly priced at $59.50 at a popular online outlet and out of a total of 115 customer reviews, this item scored an impressive 4 out of 5 stars. Featuring:

  1. 600 Watt Motor Capable Of Ice Crushing
  2. Scratch Proof Glass Jar
  3. Patented Oster Metal Drive
  4. Reversible Motor For Better Blending Results
  5. Ice Crusher Blade

This is the budget blender option. Next we’re going to be taking a look at a more highly priced blending option and one that’s certainly worth mentioning in this article.

2. Vitamix 1363 CIA Professional Series

  1. 7 year warranty – Top Of Its Class
  2. Switch And Dial Controls
  3. Motor That Operates At Over 2 Horsepower
  4. Proudly Made In The USA
  5. PBA Free Super Large 64 Ounce Container

Complete with easy clean up switch and dial controls, this is the favorite of many blender connoisseurs. Vitamix is like the superhero of the blending world. Everyone wants a Vitamix because they are constructed with such amazing quality. Vitamix blenders rarely fail, and when they do, they are promptly backed by their warranty and replaced free of charge.

This is an exceptional unit that won’t let you down. Out of a total of 82 customer reviews, this blender scored an amazing 4.5 out of 5 stars. Priced at $469.95, this is no small expenditure. But if you consider it will last you at least 7 years, guaranteed, provide you with nearly effortless blending and a super strong 2 horsepower motor, then you may decide to spend the extra money.