Tips On How To Choose A Good Leaf Blower

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right leaf blower and it’s usually based on your preference and choice. The one you buy must match what you want and the level of work load that you need to do. Here are tips that will help you in choosing the best leaf blower that’s right for you.

If there is lots of work to do or you’re in a wooded area then you’d want to choose the walk behind type of leaf blower.
You can choose the backpack blowers if you have a large lawn and many trees. They are quite powerful but comfortable and easy to use because of its design so you can use this type of blower for a long period without feeling exhausted.

Tips On How To Choose A Good Leaf Blower
Tips On How To Choose A Good Leaf Blower

If your yard is not too large without much trees to give you a hard job with then a hand held type of leaf blower would already be adequate. It is easy to use but can be a bit heavy.

If you need a leaf blower with a lot of power then you’d need the gas powered blower. It’s powerful but can get quite heavy. There are different sized engines to choose from and base it on the amount of power you’d need for the job.

For lighter jobs the electric leaf blower but the distance you can go is limited by the length of your used power cord. Electric blowers are also the quiet option.
If the job is very light and you can finish it in 20 minutes or less then the battery powered blower would be sufficient. There are rechargeable battery operated machines and those powered with 2 batteries.

You can choose the leaf blower with the vacuum type of feature that collects the leaves and keep it in a bag if you don’t want them blown away. There are also machines that have the mulching feature so the leaves will be shredded and compressed.

The faster the air speed the easier it breaks up the clumps of leaves, particularly the wet ones, and it can move objects as well. Also check the CFM measurement as it shows you how much air it blows per minute the higher the value the quicker it is to blow those heavy and wet leaves away.