Things You Need To Know About Hand Blenders

Hand blenders are kitchen equipment that are quite versatile as it can grind or mash different types of vegetables and fruits to suit many needs. There are corded ones and battery powered ones and many have the perception that it’s only for making shakes or blended soup but it can actually do so much more. Here are some of the things that hand blenders can do for you.

First of all, hand blenders can puree sauces and soup. You just need to immerse the blades in your vegetables that you cook in you pot and blend them straight away. You don’t need to remove them and place them in your blender and put back in the pot.

Things You Need To Know About Hand Blenders
Things You Need To Know About Hand Blenders

This can be your blender for smoothies and other drinks like milkshakes. This hand blender will make you the exact amount of smoothie or drink you want so you don’t end up wasting money on ingredients. No need to fill up the entire blender as you can make individual volume. You can fill your glass with ingredients and it will blend it for you. Hand blenders can also blend ice with no problem. You can also use it to create froth for your desserts.

Baby foods. You can use your hand blender to make highly nutritious baby foods much easier than with traditional blenders. You can just blend the amount your baby will consume so you’d be blending small amounts instead of a big amount and end up wasting so much.

Egg omelets are easier because hand blenders can also whisk eggs. Put the egg white and yolk in a bowl then use the hand blender to whisk it before you start cooking.

For making mayonnaise or whipped cream or other recipes that require you to add ingredients slowly for whipping or emulsifying then a hand blender is a great kitchen tool for this. It easily blends insoluble liquids together especially if you get the best immersion blender.

Hand blenders can even chop nuts or dried fruits and even mince garlic.

Another great thing about hand blenders is it helps make hard foods easier to digest for people who have difficulty swallowing.

With this great kitchen tool, you’ll quickly be able to prepare different foods in your kitchen and cleaning up is a breeze. Make sure you read the manual first before use to familiarize yourself and avoid accidents.