Sunpentown SD-65E Energy Star 65-Pint Dehumidifier Review

Sunpentown SD-65E Energy Star 65-Pint Dehumidifier
Sunpentown SD-65E Energy Star 65-Pint Dehumidifier

The Sunpentown SD-65E Energy Star 65-Pint Dehumidifier is a compact yet powerful dehumidifier that can handle rooms up to five hundred square feet. When choosing the humidity level for your room you can choose between 35 percent and 80 percent humidity.

Once the ten liter water tank is full, which usually takes a while to fill up, then the full indicator will alert you and let you know to empty the tank. After a while of using any dehumidifier, you will have to clean out the air filter – thankfully the air filter on this Sunpentown model is washable.

Overall the Sunpentown Sd-65E Energy Star Dehumidifier has a variety of settings, a nice one year warranty, and adequately dehumidifies a large space in no time!

Product Features

  1. Washable air filter
  2. 1 year warranty
  3. Touch control panel
  4. Ten liter water tank with a fill indicator
  5. Dehumidifies rooms up to 500 square feet

Final Analysis

Pros – This powerful Sunpentown SD 65-Pint Dehumidifier handles large spaces and rooms up to five hundred feet and can remove a massive amount of water from the air (up to 65 pints every day!). The ten liter tank is more than sufficient and the dehumidifier will automatically shut off once it’s full. On top of that there is also a timed delay so you can set when you want the humidifier to start!

Lastly, this dehumidifier is energy star rated which means it energy efficient and it saves you money on air because people often turn on their air conditioner when a dehumidifier would be sufficient. The hundreds of dollars you save with this model will easily pay for itself!

Cons – While the model works fantastically and really sucks all of the moisture out of the air, it can be a little noisy at times. When the tank gets really full it is a little more noisy however this is a common issue with almost every dehumidifier on the market!

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