High Quality Juicers VS. Bargain Brands

High Quality Juicers VS. Bargain Brands
High Quality Juicers VS. Bargain Brands

High quality juicers are all over the Internet. You can find high quality juicers in a price range you can afford pretty much anywhere you shop. Finding the best deal will take a little bit of research, but is worth it in the end. So let’s take a look at what a high quality juicer has to offer and how to spot the cheap brands before making your purchasing decision.

High quality juicers should have the following characteristics to them:

  1. A long warranty covering parts and labor to fix them
  2. A wide mouth insertion tube to accommodate large cuts of fruits and vegetables
  3. Easy to clean up the pulp inside the unit after juicing
  4. A high yield of juice
  5. High quality juice that’s free of pulp
  6. A warranty of 5-10 years
  7. Ease of finding replacement parts online
  8. Powerful and well built motor

On the other side of the coin, it’s easier to spot a low quality juicer because they aren’t built to the same exacting standards as the high quality juicers. They will probably have a lower price tag and not last nearly as long as a juicer from a reputable supplier. Here are some things to avoid when it comes to juicers.

  1. A small and difficult to use insertion tube
  2. A useless 30-90 day warranty
  3. Hard to find replacement parts
  4. Juicers that aren’t brand name and popular
  5. Weak motors that are prone to breaking down
  6. Juice that’s full of pulp
  7. Motors that introduce oxygen into the juice, causing oxidation

These are some things to watch out for and avoid in your juicer purchasing decision. A low quality juicer will ruin your juicing experience and you might not go back to juicing at all after this point. So why take the risk? Do your online research and find some reviews from people who have owned the juicers you’re thinking about purchasing.

They can tell you from first hand experience, whether or not the juicer you’re looking at is going to be a wise choice. When considering a juicer, always remember that it’s better to have a juicer that’s going to last a long time, producing high quality juice, than to have to order a replacement unit every few months.

Save yourself the headache and buy a brand name juicer that’s going to last you a long time and produce tons of health promoting juices your whole family can enjoy for years to come.