Choosing the Portable Air Compressor That Suits You

Choosing the Portable Air Compressor That Suits You

You’ll find portable air compressors practically anywhere whether it is a major industrial operation or a small service station. These are versatile tools and are even found in home applications of everyday folks like you. Portable air compressors range in size from small to large with the former being useful for inflating tires, swimming pool toys, and other jobs where moderate air pressure is all that is required.

A General Description

Portable air compressors, as their name implies, are designed for mobility and powered by electric, gasoline, or diesel. Large units will oftentimes be trailer-mounted while the small units may either be standalone or a component of another device. For example, smaller portable air compressors service pneumatic tools in an auto repair center. Some larger units may even be powered via belts driven by an external power source

Considerations for Making Your Choice

The most important thing to do before choosing among the range of units available is to decide how you will be using the portable air compressor that you decide upon. It doesn’t matter if it is a large HVAC compressor or a smaller compressor, this step is crucial.

When you know what you are going to be using the portable air compressor for, you can make the choice between a large unit and a small one. This is simple really. If you have heavy equipment that needs a greater degree of air displacement then you will obviously choose a larger portable air compressor.

Available space is another consideration to make. In this area you would want to choose a portable air compressor that not only fits the available space but will operate safely within it. For example, a fuel-driven portable air compressor running in an enclosed area should have ventilation that directs foul odors outdoors and away from those inside.

With electrical air compression units, the consideration you need to make is where the outlets are located. Otherwise, these are clean running units that are odorless.

Finally, decide if you are going to rent or buy the portable air compressor unit. If your requirements are temporary then renting might be your best choice.