Casement Window Air Conditioners 101

You may be familiar with a casement air conditioner unit. They are the units that are known as a window air conditioner. These air conditioner units were made to fit small window spaces for the type of windows that slide side ways to open or the windows that swing out to open.

These types of air conditioners are generally great for some small rooms, apartments, or efficiencies. It is more of a portable AC unit compared to the ones that are built into a system and throughout the walls. Everything that operates from it comes from within the small box.

Casement Air Conditioners 101
Casement Air Conditioners 101

The cooling capacity of a casement window air conditioner is generally around 8,000-12,000 BTU. There are more current and updated units that are energy efficient and don’t use up as much electricity as the older ones. You will truly be able to save a lot more money than what you realize with the energy efficient units so it would be a wise idea to upgrade to one if you haven’t already.

Not only will you be paying less when using an energy efficient casement air conditioner, but you will not have to worry about all of the wiring that is required with installing the monitor unit that goes throughout a home.

One negative thing to keep in mind about this type of unit is that you will have to remove it from the window every now and then to keep the machine working properly. During the winter it must be removed to keep it from becoming ruined.

Casement window air conditioner units are a lot better than the older ones because the settings are improved and more convenient to use. There are more controls on the current units which allow the user to have more customized setting options. The new and improved units also come with a remote control that you can use which means that you don’t have to constantly get up from where ever you are sitting or lying down to change the temperature.

Besides the remote control feature, another better feature is the fans that are installed into these units. The fans will allow for the user to have a better control over the speed and temperature. The casement air conditioners today also cool a room in four different directions instead of just one direction like the older versions. This would mean that the room that it is placed in will be cooled evenly.